Samsung Message Guard stops zero-click exploits in image form

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Samsung has long focused on the security of its smartphones. The Samsung Knox platform is built into Galaxy smartphones and already protects you against so-called zero-click exploits that aim to get hold of your data.

A zero-click exploit arrives in the form of an attachment and immediately goes to work to gain control of your device or sensitive data. Samsung Knox already protects against such attachments in audio and video form behind the scenes. Now Galaxy users will also be protected from exploitation in image form.

Samsung Message Guard is a kind of sandbox that quarantines any image file that arrives on your phone and checks if it’s safe. The feature will first work in Samsung and Google’s Message apps, but Samsung will roll it out to third-party messenger apps later this year.

A zero click exploit is very dangerous because your phone can be hijacked and your data stolen while you are sleeping or on the go.

Samsung Message Guard premiered on the Galaxy S23 series, but will come to other Galaxy devices later this year.

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