Samsung’s Bixby is now available for kids

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Not only does Samsung’s Bixby still exist, but it gets new features. It might sound shocking if you thought the Korean company’s assistant software had been abandoned or at least not actively developed anymore.

As it turns out, Bixby is very much still alive and kicking. And now available for kids! This exciting development comes thanks to a new update that is currently being rolled out. Once this is installed, the assistant will be able to work with child accounts (for children under 13).

Kids can ask Bixby questions, listen to stories, play music and play games. Bixby will respond to children with age-appropriate and child-friendly content.

To make this work, you need to create a group for your family through your Samsung account. You can then create child accounts for them to use on Samsung devices, and once you do, they can take advantage of Bixby.

Unfortunately, Bixby for Kids is currently only supported in the US and Korea, with more countries to be added gradually in the future.

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