Watch live events on your phone

mobtkr21 June 2022Last Update : 1 week ago
Watch live events on your phone

It hasn’t always been the case, I’ll be the first to agree. The ChessBase news page had its replayers, and the movements of live events could be tracked, but on a phone this was often a bit of a pain. Mind you, the competition wasn’t really better for my taste, so I just chalked it up to growing pains.

Recently I went back to the gym and started with runs on the treadmill, but since my best time to do this is around lunchtime (Brazilian local time), that means Candidate matches are fine. advances. Failures in a gymnasium? Am I crazy? No, I’m a shameless chess enthusiast, and while I’m typing on this machine for the next 30 minutes, I like to check out the games. I hadn’t really noticed how much progress had been made on the mobile front to be fair, and I was really impressed: it’s an absolute pleasure to use now.


Let’s be honest, it starts with the board. If I have to struggle to see the board or if it’s not designed to maximize my reduced screen size, it will be considered a failure in my book. From the opening of the article of the news page displaying the live matches, the replayer meets this basic need perfectly. It fits my screen from edge to edge using the classic and very nice ChessBase standard.

The Interface

One concern I had, which has persisted in the past, was translating the awesome web player into a mobile experience. If you open the player in a desktop browser, you are presented with a dizzying array of options.

02 desktop - Market for Phones

You have the board, nicely sized, with tons of choices to save the game, add lines, view resources, etc. Even on a desktop it’s pretty dense, so how the hell is it going to work in a mobile browser? Zoom in and out? No, the answer is that the developers designed it to reduce choices to the bare essentials and allow you to switch between panes of information with easy swipes without ever sacrificing your view of the board.

03 panes - Market for Phones

The first thing you’ll see is the single, screen-wide pane just above the table. This pane will display a variety of information depending on your choice. You will notice a few blue arrows on each side indicating the scanning directions. To change the view, simply drag this pane left or right.

List of games

On the rightmost pane, you will see the list of games currently displayed with players, and the rating or result, depending on whether the games are still running or not. Just tap on the game you want to watch.

04 list - Market for Phones

Then, by sliding to the right, the rating of the chosen game will be displayed. Although some sites also display the rating, it goes much further.


05 notation - Market for Phones

First, you can see all deep computer scans performed automatically. But suppose you want to try your own moves. Well, just like reviewing the game in ChessBase, you can add new moves and try as many lines as you want to see how they look on the board. They will all be organized automatically.

06 notation new moves - Market for Phones

Engine shutter

If you want to see what an engine thinks about it, swipe it to the right one more time. Alternatively, you can press the engine button under the board in the lower left.

05a engine button - Market for Phones

Either will take you to the engine flap where it will call for the engine. Here you can add multiPV, which means it will not only show the best line it sees, but also the second best.

07 engine - Market for Phones

Again, if you want to analyze a different move, just play it on the board and the engine will instantly start analyzing it for you.

live book

Finally, you have the Live Book. This will display movements from the same Live Book that users of the Fritz interface are used to, although it may be somewhat limited to non-Premium subscribers.

08 livebook - Market for Phones

Settings and Options

There is a hidden hero here who can easily go unnoticed. At the top left of the information is a set of burger bars. Tapping on it will open up a series of other options, such as the board, room style, several sharing options, including a board-only image, and even the option to open a PGN game file. to display in the reviewer.

09 options - Market for Phones


Ultimately, it’s not unreasonable to say that the web player used in Articles and Live Streams is the best of its kind, striking a good balance between smart design, ease of use, and functionality. If there’s an event going on and you want to watch it or replay it, you can’t go wrong with the ChessBase replayer

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