Xiaomi 12T Pro long-term review

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What do letters even mean? Should the “S” stand for speed? And so, if so, does that mean the “T” is for turbo? With the advent of electric cars, will this “turbo” reference even make sense to anyone in a decade or two? The Xiaomi 12T Pro answers none of these questions. But that’s okay, because it’s a phone, not a human, dabbling in pub philosophy in the evening.

However, it can still be confusing because many people seem to think that the 12T Pro is the successor to the 12 Pro. The launch timeline certainly lines up with something like that, but it’s not true. Rather, the 12T Pro is a different take on the flagship smartphone – one much closer to the ‘flagship killer’ concept, whereas the 12 Pro sans T is the all-out spec monster. Outside of China, anyway, as the 12S Ultra also exists over there and takes the crown away from the Pro. Are you still following any of this? Will Xiaomi ever clean up its name?

Xiaomi 12T Pro long-term review

Again questions without answers. Don’t worry though, because that’s not the theme of this review. In fact, it’s the opposite. We would like to answer some questions for you, but Other things questions. Things like – is this a good phone to buy today? How good? How does it fare in everyday life, away from testing labs and PR buzzwords? These are all things we endeavor to clear up for you, as the 12T Pro is one of Xiaomi’s two most flagship-y devices launched internationally in 2022. And it’s the newer of these two, and it has a few unique tricks up its sleeve.

So if you’re interested, or at least curious, join us over the next few pages as we explain what it was like to live with it for an extended period of time using it as our only smartphone. Thus, we have come across both its pros and cons, and we can’t wait to share them all with you. Let’s begin.

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