Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke edition will offer more options, hit new markets

Tamsin Rodriguez21 June 2022Last Update : 1 week ago
Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke edition will offer more options, hit new markets

Back in October, Samsung unveiled the Bespoke Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip3, offering a total of 49 color combinations. This app will also be available for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip4 and will reportedly be expanded to offer even more variety and be available in new markets.

When customizing the Z Flip3, users could choose one of two frame colors, five back panel and five front panel colors. By removing a color combination that overlapped with the non-tailored phones, this provided 49 options. For the Z Flip4, Bespoke Studio is likely to offer customizations to the same three elements, but with more options.

Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke edition customization tool

Samsung offered the bespoke customization service in the US and Canada, UK, Germany and France along with South Korea and Australia. The plan for this year is to expand to additional markets in Europe and Asia, according to insider information.

Samsung also offered bespoke customization for the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic wearables. It was a pretty basic customization – choose the watch model you want and then choose a strap. Presumably, the upcoming Galaxy Watch5 models will also be part of the Bespoke app and will also be available in the new markets.

Customization of Galaxy Watch4
Customization of Galaxy Watch4

The Galaxy Z Flip4 (and Z Fold4) and Galaxy Watch5 are expected to be unveiled on August 10th. Whether Bespoke Studio is available from day 1, or whether it will be launched later, is still unknown.


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