Report: Galaxy Z Fold5 hinge undergoing final tests

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According to a new report from ElecSamsung has started testing the new teardrop hinge for its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold5 smartphone, which is expected to launch in the second half of this year, probably August, as usual.

The drop hinge is a commonly used design that allows the axle to roll on its own inside the hinge and has several advantages. It reduces the distance between the two halves of the phone and minimizes wrinkles on the screen.

During this year’s CES 2023, Samsung demonstrated a new hinge design that is 14mm thin as opposed to the current implementation which measures 15.8mm in thickness.

Report: Samsung is testing a new hinge design for the Galaxy Z Fold5

The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise as several reports have surfaced in the past that Samsung is working on an improved teardrop hinge design.

In any case, Samsung’s internal testing may take a while because a single prototype takes about five days to test. The benchmark is 200,000 folds, after which the hinge must retain at least 85% of its original density and strength.

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