The most interesting Android phone of 2022 will not be sold in the United States

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The most interesting Android phone of 2022 will not be sold in the United States

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the release of Nothing’s first smartphone, the Phone 1. As Carl Pei’s first smartphone venture after leaving OnePlus, fans expect a return to those roots, and indeed the company employs many of the same marketing/hype tactics used by OnePlus in its early days. Nothing’s hype machine has been running full steam ahead since the existence of the phone was first confirmed. If you’re in the US thinking of biting into Nothing’s marketing, bad luck – North Americans won’t be able to buy this phone. In other words, instead of Nothing Phone 1, you get nothing.


This restriction was first spotted by Evan Blass, who pointed out on his Twitter account that few US bands are included in Nothing’s list of compatible carriers. Then, in a statement to PCMag, the company confirmed that the phone doesn’t see a launch in the US or Canada, at least initially. There’s nothing to say that it’s primarily focused on markets like the UK and Europe right now, and while you can try using Phone 1 in the US will get spotty coverage on T-Mobile and no VoLTE on AT&T. Verizon customers, meanwhile, are completely out of luck.

While we would love to bring the phone(1) to the wider community across the globe, we are focused on national markets including the UK and Europe where we have strong partnerships with major local operators. As you know, it takes a lot to launch a smartphone, from handset support for the country’s cellular technologies to carrier partnerships and local regulations, and as we’re still a young brand, we have to be strategic on this subject.

There’s a silver lining though: there’s also been no confirmation that it plans to launch a US-supported phone in the future, but it will need proper carrier support before that happens. can occur. A limited number of the company’s private community investors will also be able to get their hands on Phone 1 in the US through a closed beta program, but it doesn’t look like most people will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

We have big plans to launch a supported smartphone in the US in the future. For now, a limited number of our private community investors in the US will be able to get their hands on the phone (1) through a closed beta program. In the meantime, if readers really want phone (1) available in the US ASAP, they should call their carrier to let them know we’re here.

That’s disappointing news for sure, especially after the company tapped US-based designers like Marques Brownlee to help with its marketing efforts. While carrier compatibility holding back phone versions in the US is nothing new – after all, it’s why many phones from companies like Xiaomi and Realme are a nightmare to use in the States. United – it’s not like that never stopped Carl Pei. The OnePlus 6T was the first OnePlus phone to be compatible with an American carrier (T-Mobile), but before that, all its older phones were sold in the United States in an unlocked version, until the first OnePlus One.

Then again, Carl Pei doesn’t have a giant Chinese conglomerate to back him up this time around, and that is the company’s first-ever smartphone release. Considering how difficult it is to get good compatibility with the US network, it’s not too surprising. Given how strong the hype game of Nothing is, this news is sure to break some hearts.

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