Apple increases the trade-in values of some of its older devices

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Apple updated its trade-in values ​​on its online Apple Store website, so if you own an older Apple device, you’re eligible for a better trade-in offer. Then again, some older units’ trade-in values ​​have only increased by a few percent.

Naturally, the newer iPhone 13 Pro Max gets one of the higher bumps and is now eligible for a $600 trade-in offer, while the 13 Pro can shave up to $500 off your next purchase. Some iPads are also getting a re-evaluation, and the iPad Air is now valued at $320, an increase of $90. The good old vanilla iPad is now $165, up $5 from before.

The Apple Watch Series 7, Series 5 and Series 4 and Watch SE all get a modest $5 boost.

You can check out the full list of eligible trade-in units at the source link below. You will also find some Android-powered smartphones there, limited to Samsung and Google-made smartphones.

Keep in mind that these trade-in values ​​are the best case scenario. It all depends on the condition and age of the device.


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