Samsung introduces ISOCELL HP3 200MP sensor with smallest ever pixels

Tamsin Rodriguez23 June 2022Last Update : 7 days ago
Samsung introduces ISOCELL HP3 200MP sensor with smallest ever pixels

Samsung announced a new 200 MP sensor, called the ISOCELL HP3. It has the “smallest pixel in the industry” at just 0.56 μm, which is 12% smaller than its predecessor. It promises faster autofocus and even clearer HDR thanks to a new image stacking algorithm.

The new sensor arrived nine months after the ISOCELL HP1, which is technically the first 200MP camera sensor for smartphones, although we have not yet seen an actual phone with it. Since then, Samsung has managed to reduce the pixel size from 0.64 μm, making the new sensor 1 / 1.4 ”type – about 20% smaller than its predecessor.

4-to-1 binding adds up to 1.12μm pixels to 50MP images. For ultra-dark photos, the new sensor also supports 16-to-1 binding for huge 2.24 μm pixels and 12.5 MP photos.

Samsung introduces new 200 MP sensor - ISOCELL HP3 with the smallest pixels ever

Samsung also boasted of its Super-QPD autofocus solution. All pixels are equipped with AF functions, and each cluster of four has a single lens that recognizes phase differences in the horizontal and vertical directions. The sensor can also record 8K videos at 30 fps and 4K @ 120 fps with “minimal loss of field of view”.

The enhanced Smart-ISO Pro feature now combines information from three steps – low, medium and high ISO mode to increase HDR performance. ISOCELL HP3 can print images in 4 trillion colors (14-bit depth), 64 times more than its predecessor HP1, which was 68 billion.

Samsung is ready to deliver samples of ISOCELL HP3 to smartphone makers and expects mass production to begin this year.


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