Apple Pay finally makes it to South Korea, eight years after its initial introduction

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Apple Pay is finally coming to South Korea, some eight years after it was originally launched. The arrival of the service in Samsung’s home country has been talked about quite a bit lately, and today Apple confirmed the move in the korean version of its press release announcing the new yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models.

The machine-translated relevant section reads as follows:

Additionally, as Apple is about to launch Apple Pay in South Korea, Korean users will be able to make easy, fast and secure payments using Apple Pay on their iPhone, including the new iPhone Yellow, and in online stores and apps .

There’s still no exact launch date for Apple Pay, but the service cleared a very important hurdle last month when South Korea’s Financial Services Commission confirmed that credit card companies in the country are allowed to offer Apple Pay on the condition that they don’t charge fees. consumers or traders any fees for it.

Perhaps it won’t surprise you to hear that Samsung Pay absolutely dominates the mobile payment space in its home market, achieving around 80% market share. This will now certainly be eaten by Apple Pay.

iOS 16.4, which is currently in the beta testing phase, has some references to Apple Pay in South Korea, so the service can be officially launched in the country when this update gets a general release later this month or in early April.


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