Apple Watch saves a woman’s life again in a miraculous way!

Tamsin Rodriguez23 June 2022Last Update : 7 days ago
Apple Watch saves a woman’s life again in a miraculous way!

A new report stated that the Apple Watch saved the life of a woman again, after she got stuck in a river, as the watch notified emergency services to do their part to save them.

Apple Watch and saving women

According to a report from AppleInsider The accident happened recently in the Columbia River, where a woman went swimming in the icy waters of the river, however, her foot got stuck under the rocks at the bottom of the river, which made it so dangerous for her that there was no way to free herself.

She used the SOS feature on her Apple Watch to call emergency services, as the Dallas City Police Department responded to the crisis and began a rescue operation.

According to the police report, she was found in a state of exhaustion and showing signs of hypothermia. During the time of the accident, there was rain in the Columbia River and the water temperature was around 13°C.

This isn’t the first time an Apple Watch has helped save someone’s life, as a man also used the SOS feature to call for help after falling under the ice of a frozen river.

You can use the SOS feature by pressing and holding the side button under the Digital Crown until the Emergency SOS slider appears.

Previously, the ECG function in the Apple Watch helped save an Indian dentist, as it was reported that a dentist named Nitesh Chopra, felt discomfort in his chest, which prompted him to use the ECG function in the Apple Watch Series 6.

Prior to that, the watch saved an elderly man in the United States from Atlanta, where it monitored the fall and alerted emergency services, where the watch reported this, which necessitated the emergency to intervene.

Apple Watch saves a woman's life again in a miraculous way!

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