Samsung Galaxy S23 is now part of Fortnite

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Samsung announced a partnership with the popular game Fortnite, bringing the Galaxy S23 flagships into the metaverse. The company is introducing a Samsung SmartCity store on a Samsung island where players can interact with various devices, including smartphones themselves.

The name card can be accessed with the code 8526-6648-9508 and you can interact with in-game entities and play Fun Game Quest, which is a hide and seek type of game. Each round, find Galaxy S23 devices across the map and then keep them.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is now part of Fortnite

Arthur Wong, director of marketing at Samsung Latin America, said that the communication channels in the metaverse must be constantly updated, and the partnership with Fortnite allows the company to connect “with great speed, messages, products and people, with a high degree of immersion.”

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is now part of Fortnite

Overall gameplay is also improved with a slight nod towards Galaxy S23 capabilities. Users can see further with a zoom feature and there is also a Nightography button so gamers can see in the dark. There’s also a Knox button, “emphasizing another dimension of the Galaxy ecosystem,” a press release said.

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