Android 13 The third beta version is coming to these phones from Samsung

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Tamsin Rodriguez23 June 2022Last Update : 1 day ago
Android 13 The third beta version is coming to these phones from Samsung

Google is not yet finished with Android 13, but it seems that more updates are coming very quickly for various phones, as some new evidence indicates that the third beta version of Android 13 is coming soon for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Recently, Google released the third beta update for Android 13 which introduced some tweaks and fixes as the platform update moved towards its final release. Perhaps Google should release Android 13 to the public sometime in August or September, well before last year’s schedule.

as explained Source at TizenHelp It looks like Samsung is ready to start testing its Android 13 in a new beta update.

The S906NKSU2ZVF6 firmware version has appeared in South Korea, home of Samsung, which is believed to be the first Android 13 release for Galaxy S22 series phones. The update hasn’t been released to anyone yet, but development is still in full swing.

As is usually the case, the update will likely be available first for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, which are Samsung’s current flagships, and the Galaxy S21 series is likely to follow soon. .

Android 13 The third beta version is coming to these phones from Samsung

Android 13 – Android 13 The third beta version is currently available for Google Pixel phones with its great features

What will Android 13 bring to the Galaxy S22 series of phones?

The One UI 5.0 update is still pretty much a mystery at this point, but it’s expected that it will improve some animations and other small tweaks, and bigger changes remain to be seen.
With One UI 4.0, Samsung has adopted a form of Material You to give its Android skin distinctive colors based on the user’s background.

And it was rumored that Samsung would launch the beta version of Android 13 next July, and last year Samsung released the beta version of Android 12 in September, so this new update will be much ahead of schedule.

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Android 13

Samsung’s track record of updates is pretty perfect

Samsung has become a leading example of what Android updates should look like, offering some of the longest support timelines and the fastest updates.

It is reported that in 2021, Samsung beat Google’s Pixel phone by providing four years of security updates for its Galaxy phones, and doubled that in 2022, and now new Galaxy devices get four years of major Android updates and five years of security updates.

Samsung is – at the moment – the best brand for Android updates, only Google’s Pixel 6 series competes with it, however it lags a bit behind.

Android 13 has the potential to be one of the fastest updates in the recent history of the platform, and Samsung seems to be following Google’s lead.

What do you think of Samsung updates for its phones?

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