Redmi Note 12 series launches internationally on March 23

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How many times can you launch the same series of smartphones? Well, if you’re Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi, the answer to that question today seems to be “at least three.” The Redmi Note 12 series had its first launch in China back in November. Then in January they made the jump to India, where the Redmi Note 12 is different compared to the Chinese Redmi Note 12, although the Redmi Note 12 Pro and Redmi Note 12 Pro+ remained the same.

Now, almost two months after the Indian launch, the brand has unveiled the ‘third time’s a charm’ launch event which will take place on March 23 under the tagline ‘Live vivid’.

As you can see, the company is clearly high on its own supply here, with references to space shuttles being required “just to catch up” with the “out-of-this-world awesome” launch. We would think so too, were this not the third rodeo for the same models.

Strangely, there’s no mention of geography that we can find – so it’s unclear which market or markets this launch is specifically for. Since it’s been announced by the global Xiaomi Twitter account, we’re assuming it will be a “global” launch, though the meaning of that word when it comes to Xiaomi-related things gets more and more vague every year. We’d assume this means the devices will be officially available in Europe and maybe some other places as well, but it looks like we won’t know for sure until that happens, so join us on March 23rd to find out what exactly is what.

The event takes place online at 11pm in China, which is 3pm in London, 4pm CET, 11am EST and 8.30pm in India.

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