Samsung Galaxy A52s long-term review

Scarlette Lennon25 June 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
Samsung Galaxy A52s long-term review

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Although we can all with ambitions look at this or that Galaxy S as being the typical Samsung phone, the truth is that the A-series has always been the workhorse of the Korean company – the backbone, in terms of sales. And that has been the A5x model every year that best-selling Samsung – not the S Ultra model, not even the ‘vanilla’ S flagship or its big siblings.

So in a way, it’s not really happening anymore Samsung than an A5x – which means that it’s the Samsung experience that the largest number of people actually get. For a majority of users, a A-Series device is their only insight into what a Samsung phone is like, and it obviously comes with pros and cons. The latest in the best-selling part of the A-line is the A53, but the most interesting A5x ever is definitely the A52s. And so we decided to revise it in the long run.

Samsung Galaxy A52's long-term review

Before the A52s, the A5x model du jour was always undercurrent, even for a mid-range smartphone, given its launch price. Obviously, a lot of people stopped doing this – either because it was a Samsung, or for the generally better than average cameras, or because it’s easy to buy one from virtually anywhere, or for the software support that in recent years has been improved again and again. But soon these devices were certainly not. Most competitors from China had an offer for the same price with a better chipset.

And that all changed with the launch of the Galaxy A52s last year. For the first time, an A5x came with a premium mid-range SoC, Snapdragon 778G, and the Chinese competitors did not really have an answer, for their best alternatives used exactly the same chip. This was exciting for many, it seems judging by the levels of interest we have seen for this handset since it was released.

And then it got cheaper. And cheaper. And at its current pricing, it not only competes very well in its place on specifications, but also on price. It is practically unheard of for a mid-range Samsung, and therefore we have here a very exciting package that we could not help but use for a long time as our only smartphone that would like to understand if Samsung has reached a path to secure its middle sale against the very aggressive Chinese competitors.

Samsung Galaxy A52's long-term review

2022 has been a strange year for the middle class, with most successors to 2021 units actually not being the best for them in many ways. We would bet that the Galaxy A53 is in exactly this camp, so maybe it’s better to think of the A73 as the true successor to the A52s, even if it does not entail any upgrades in the chipset area.

So it seems that Samsung can play name confusion games just as well as other companies. We will not celebrate it in any way, but we will try to reveal to you whether the A52s are still a good buy in the mid-range at this point. It has, so to speak, had a lot of time to mature, so it should be the perfect time for a long-term review of it. Let’s get started.

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