Samsung may launch a Tri-Fold device this year, the S23 FE isn’t happening

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Another week, another conflicting rumor about the death or resurrection of the mythical Samsung Fan Edition line. This time it’s bad news – apparently the Galaxy S23 FE isn’t happening after all.

It may be sad and all that, but on the other hand, the same source brings us an incredibly exciting backstory to this rumor. The Korean company is said to be working on a “Tri-Fold” device and this “may finally ship this year”. It’s the prototypical “big if true” news, since for the last few years we’ve mostly had single-hinged foldables.

This promises to be a double-hinged, three-piece foldable, akin to a few concepts showcased by Samsung Display at CES back in January. There aren’t any more details on this one right now, but it’s been a while since a brand new form factor hit the mobile world, so we’re excited. There’s also the fact that this device still involves folding, and that’s basically a solved problem at this point.

So while the form factor itself may be new, the fact that it’s an extension (both literally and figuratively) of an existing one means that there’s the potential here for it to forgo all the usual issues that occurs when something completely new comes to market for the first time – it’s just an extra hinge and a more complex screen that needs to be used in this case. New, yes, never done before, also yes, but not completely out of left field.


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