Weekly poll results: Galaxy A54 sparks interest, but reviews will decide its fate

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Is the Galaxy A54 a worthy successor to the A52s? The phone was a bright spot in the series, while the A53 just wasn’t quite as good. Based on last week’s poll, the A54 has potential, but it will have to prove itself in reviews.

The reason the A52s was so well-liked is its chipset, the Snapdragon 778G is powerful and efficient and sat a lot on its €450 price tag. The A53 had the Exynos 1280 and it managed to match its predecessor at 113 hours of endurance, but it needed an extra 500mAh in the battery to do so. And performance wise it wasn’t even close.

Now the Samsung Galaxy A54 comes with the much improved Exynos 1380, but also a price increase of €40/50. This chip will be benchmarked against the 778G, not the 1280, which is no easy task. We’re already running tests on the phone, so stay tuned for our detailed review.

Incidentally, the Galaxy A54 and its sibling the Galaxy A34 launched in India this week with ₹39,000 and ₹31,000 price tags. Samsung also quietly launched the Galaxy M54, which is a bigger A54 with a better camera and bigger battery (brief story: 6.7” screen, 108 MP main camera, 6,000 mAh battery). We don’t know which markets will get the M54 yet, but we wonder – would you rather have it than the A-series?

Speaking of prices and the Samsung Galaxy A34, this one seems to be a hit and miss – even if the price was lower, there still wouldn’t be much interest in this model.

The perennial rivals from the Redmi Note series launched in Europe this week, and their prices are also increasing – for the same price of €400 or so as the Galaxy A34, you can get a Redmi Note 12 Pro instead. But is it the better phone or has Xiaomi lost its balls? There’s also a new Pixel 7a on the way, the original Nothing phone is still around, the OnePlus 11R looks competitive, there’s also Motorolas and Pocos and Realmes.

Weekly poll results: Galaxy A54 sparks interest, but reviews decide its fate

This isn’t to say the Galaxy A34 won’t sell well, it’s a fine choice for people who are comfortable with One UI, who need something cheaper than the A54 and don’t spend a lot of time researching specs.

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