Samsung builds a massive 17,400 sq ft centerfield display for the New York Mets stadium

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The 2023 Major League Baseball season starts tomorrow and the stadiums have been prepared with new upgrades to impress fans. The New York Mets partnered with Samsung to equip Citi Field with the largest scoreboard across all professional ballparks – over three times the size of the old one.

You know a screen is big when it’s measured in square feet instead of inches. The new center scoreboard has a surface area of ​​17,400 ft² (1,616 m²). There is also an additional 6,900 ft² (640 m²) screen at the back, which is so tall and large that it can be seen from the highway that runs past the park.

The centerfield scoreboard has a 10mm pixel pitch (the distance between pixels) and can display 4K clips like instant replays and close-ups of the players, as well as game statistics, interactive updates and more.

While this is the centerpiece and will get the most attention, displays are being upgraded across the entire ballpark. The work will be completed by opening day on April 6 and includes a series of outdoor displays, exterior signage and even the concession stands getting digital menu boards.

“Samsung’s innovative technology at Citi Field will expand the standard of what fans expect when they enter the nation’s best stadiums. Over a two-year period, we have transformed a once static signage environment into a completely digital experience. While working with the Mets, we’ve been able to push the boundaries of what’s possible by delivering more creative and unique experiences to their fan base,” said David Phelps, Vice President, Product Management, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America .


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