Here’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ in some leaked renders

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8+ has been available since mid-April 2022, and we’re approaching mid-April 2023. So it might be time for a replacement to appear on the scene, and guess what? That’s exactly what happened. Not officially, at least not yet, but still.

Ladies and gentlemen, check out the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ in all its glory in some CAD-based renderings! Note that although antenna lines are not depicted, this does not mean that there will be none.

The Galaxy Tab S9+ appears to be a fairly minor update to its predecessor. It will keep the 12.4″ screen size and 1752×2800 resolution, the built-in fingerprint sensor, the 4-speaker arrangement, dual rear cameras and even the dimensions. Naturally, it will have S-Pen support with a magnetic area on the back to store the pen.

Here's the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ in some leaked renders

Like the S8+ from last year, it will also have support for 45W wired charging via the USB-C 3.2 port, but the cameras on the back will be individually placed in their own circular islands, Galaxy S23 family style. The new tablet may have a different front-facing camera, which should come in handy when making video calls while holding the tablet in landscape mode.

Here's the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ in some leaked renders

Although specifications have not been leaked this time, we expect the Galaxy Tab S9+ to come with an updated SoC, which should be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and probably not much else compared to its predecessor, except for the updated look of the cameras on the back, the possible presence of two selfie shooters and the previously rumored IP67 dust and water resistance.


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