Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ to have the same telephoto camera as their predecessors

Tamsin Rodriguez28 June 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ to have the same telephoto camera as their predecessors

Last week, a report was released that shed some supposed light on Samsung’s choice of front-facing camera for next year’s Galaxy S23 and S23 + smartphones. And although the news in that case was good, with the rumor that the devices in question could be supplied with upgraded selfie cameras, the same apparently cannot be said about the telephoto slider on the back.

According to the same source, both the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 + will use the same 10 MP resolution for the telecamera as the S22 and S22 +. It’s likely to be 3x as it was this year, and in fact it may very well be the same exact setup including the same sensor. This has just not been rumored specifically so far.

It’s unclear what the situation will be for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but it looks like the flagships that are not Ultra S are set to remain immediately (or a very similar setup) for another year. Of course, this is only an unconfirmed rumor at the moment, and since we are many months away from the launch of these models, even though this information is true right now, Samsung may still change its plans before releasing the Galaxy S23 family, remember that.

At least if this succeeds, we hope the Korean company has other updates on the way for the S23 and S23 + apart from the higher resolution selfie camera. 2022 has brought us a lot of very small upgrades of successors to older phones, and we have certainly lived through more exciting times in the mobile area, so 2023 must rather be different.

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