Samsung working on a foldable tablet called the Galaxy Z Tab

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Samsung’s next generation of flagship tablets, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, is nearing official status amid numerous leaks. The company may have a surprise in store for us – a foldable tablet that will be revealed at the same time as the Tab S9 series, according to @Tech_Reve.

The so-called Galaxy Z Tab will be part of the Z series of foldables. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the device – will it be a triple foldable as previous rumors envisioned? It is unclear and perhaps even unlikely (having two hinges would increase the complexity significantly).

Here’s what such a tablet might look like, based on design drawings from a patent filed by Samsung a few years ago. The patent shows dual hinges that allow the tablet to be folded forwards or backwards depending on whether the user wants to close the screen to protect it or to create a smaller screen with a wide aspect ratio.

A bifold tablet design patented by Samsung

Of course, patent drawings don’t always materialize, and a single-hinged design will be easier to do – Samsung already has four generations of Z Folds under its belt, and it’s a matter of scaling it up to tablet size.

We should get more reliable information about Samsung’s future product lineup as the Galaxy Tab S9 approaches. It is also expected that Apple’s first foray into foldable machines will be an iPad rather than an iPhone. Ming-Chi Kuo says it will launch in 2024, so Samsung still has time to beat its biggest rival in the market.


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