Android 12 update arrives on two Redmi phones officially

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Tamsin Rodriguez1 July 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
Android 12 update arrives on two Redmi phones officially

Redmi Note 11 – Redmi Note 11 was released earlier this year with distinctive “mid-range” specifications and a great design, and the device introduced the latest version of the MIUI interface from Xiaomi, which is the MIUI 13 version, however, Xiaomi was not able to provide the Android 12 update as a basic version , although it has been available for several months.

As a result, the device came with the older Android 11 version, and of course the company promised to launch Android 12 in the near future, and here comes the “future” that was finally promised, as today the Redmi Note 11 phone and its brother the Note 11 NFC phone got Android 12 update.

Android 12 update for redmi note 11

Xiaomi is releasing the much-anticipated Android 12 update for the phone with the MIUI SGCMIXM version number. The update is about 2.7 GB in size and brings the security patch level to June 2022.

Android 12 update

It is worth noting that this update arrived a while ago to the Redmi Note 11 Pro model, and as usual, it will be rolled out to the Redmi Note 11 in batches for a limited number of users. Apparently Xiaomi wants to make sure that no critical error occurs during the beta phase, if all goes well then it is likely that the company will extend the update to all users.

Android 12 update arrives on two Redmi phones officially

However, it can be said that untrained and inexperienced eyes will not notice significant differences after the update, which is not a huge surprise because it is MIUI that brings the features to the phones, and indeed; The update brings improved accessibility support for phones, clocks, and weather. There are also more convenient mind mapping nodes.

The update will arrive for users via OTA, but instead you can head over to the Mi Downloader channel to get the firmware early.

Android 12 update arrives on two Redmi phones officially

Given Xiaomi’s usual approach to its phones, the Redmi Note 11 will still be eligible for another Android 13 update in the future, and the device is also part of the MIUI 13.5 and even MIUI 14 future update list.

What do you think about updates Xiaomi? Did you get any of them?

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