Xiaomi sets up Pioneer Team to polish MIUI experience

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Xiaomi’s MIUI has come a long way in recent years, and we have often praised the custom skin for how mature it has become. However, there are still some bugs and inconsistencies in functionality from one Xiaomi phone to another. To correct that the company is now assembling a MIUI Pioneer Team.

The team will be based in China, and its main task is to gather user information and feedback regarding MIUI, so that the team of developers can better understand the problems that Xiaomi phone owners have. In essence, it wants to work closely with the MIUI community.

And although the team is assembled in China, it will also work on the global version of MIUI, not just the Chinese MIUI. It could also mean that Xiaomi will move towards a better and more refined skin completely and see how more senior team members will be part of the MIUI Pioneer Team.

Not many details have been revealed, but it is clear that the team will start ironing out current issues with the software before moving on.

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