Samsung stops selling the Galaxy Z Fold2 in the US

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Samsung has stopped selling the Galaxy Z Fold2 in the US through its official online store. When you try to access the page that used to host the list for the device, you will be greeted with an error message telling you that “Galaxy Fold can no longer be purchased at”.

The wording is strange because it refers to the original Galaxy Fold, which was still sold out for several months after the launch of Fold2, but it may just be a case of the person responsible for the copy of such messages simply reusing the text from when the original Fold stopped being offered by the company’s online store.

You can still find Fold2 on Best buy and AT&T, but not at Verizon and T-Mobile. All of this suggests that Samsung is slowly trying to phase it out of the market – Best Buy and AT&T may just have lingering stocks that they have not yet sold. And if you’re wondering why Samsung would do something similar … Well, we do not want to read too much into it, but could it be that the Galaxy Z Fold3 launch is fast approaching?

So far we have heard the unveiling of this model would take place very early in August with sales possibly debuting before the end of that month. But still, it’s a little weird for the company not to have a top of the line that can be folded in almost two months. So maybe this was just a fluke? We’ll have to wait and see, but if you’re in the US and wanted to grab a Fold2, maybe do it while you still can.


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