Apple’s 2024 OLED iPads will be thinner and lighter

Tamsin Rodriguez12 July 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
Apple’s 2024 OLED iPads will be thinner and lighter

It is rumored that Apple will bring OLED screens to its iPad series over the next few years, and while most reports focused on screen technology, there is a new article from ETNews brings more details about the display panel’s production of the next generation tablet series. Samsung and LG have been hailed as the two main display vendors, and both are said to be working on new OLED panels designed specifically for Apple’s upcoming 2024 iPads.

The new bit in the manufacturing process is dry etching – a process in which manufacturers use gas chemicals to remove unwanted material layers from the TFT circuit pattern surface during manufacturing. This process allows the OLED panel to be thinner and lighter and will reduce the overall footprint of the tablets.

Apple's 2024 OLED iPads are getting thinner and lighter

Apple is also working on developing a special coating for the screen, which will make the panel more durable. Apple is reportedly already testing the first prototype devices of its OLED iPads internally.

Previous report on OLED iPad suggests that Apple will use dual-stacked OLED screens, which contain two layers of light-emitting diodes, which should result in increased brightness.


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