iPad 2024 iPad reveal great screen features

Tamsin Rodriguez12 July 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
iPad 2024 iPad reveal great screen features

The iPad 2024 will be available in about a year and a half, and it will have a cool feature in the screen that will be an OLED display.

According to what was published by Apple, OLED iPads will be lighter in weight and provide better image quality, and with the introduction of OLED iPads the market for small and medium-sized OLED screens will expand.

According Source: ETNews Apple is making final prototypes of the OLED display in the iPad, it’s making a number of prototypes and retesting multiple times because this is the first time that OLED has been used in a tablet.

Compared to the iPhone, the iPad screen panel is three times larger, and with a 40% market share, Apple’s iPad ranks first in tablets, with the annual shipment of iPads reaching 60 million devices.

iPad 2024 iPad

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In addition, Apple will release the first-ever dry etching technology for an OLED display in the iPad 2024. When creating thin film transistor (TFT) circuit layouts, display dry etching uses chemical techniques to remove extraneous components. To make the screen lighter and lighter, it may be engraved.

iPad 2024 iPad reveal great screen features

Since the OLED screen in the new iPhones is lighter than the liquid crystal display (LCD) in the previous iPhone, Apple decided not to use the engraving process, and if they added this measure the price per unit would go up.

iPad 2024 iPad reveal great screen features

Apple intends to emphasize the smaller size of the iPad 2024 iPad and its unparalleled visual quality. In addition, Apple creates unique coating layers to enhance the resistance of the small screen to the etching process. Interestingly, the OLED screens used will be produced by Samsung and LG Display.

Investments in small and medium-sized OLED screens will be increased and market expansion, starting with the introduction of the first device (OLED iPad), we also expect Samsung Display and LG Display to invest in small and medium-sized OLED factories, and with the addition of OLED etching method we also expect a real renaissance in the materials industries and associated components and equipment.

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