Apple and Jony Ive part ways

Tamsin Rodriguez13 July 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
Apple and Jony Ive part ways

Nearly three years after his formal exit from Apple, famed industry and product designer Jony Ive has officially severed ties with Cupertino after both sides agreed not to extend his consulting contract. Back in 2019, Sir Jonathan Paul Ive reportedly signed a deal with Apple worth over $ 100 million. The contract was renewed recently, but both parties agreed not to extend it.

Jony Ive and Tim Cook in 2018 at the launch of the iPhone XR

Jony Ive joined Apple in 1992 and is credited with designing some of Apple’s most iconic devices, including the Apple Newton, 2001’s original iPod, as well as the first iPhone and iPad models. I’ve also played a key role in the design of the iMac and Macbook series and original iPod headphones, and I’ve even had a go at the software design with iOS 7 in 2013.


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