Here’s a teardown of the Poco F4 5G with a 5.5/10 repairability score

Tamsin Rodriguez14 July 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
Here’s a teardown of the Poco F4 5G with a 5.5/10 repairability score

IN PBKReviews demolition video of Poco F4 5G, the reviewer gave it a 5.5 / 10 score for repairability. The design of the device is not well designed with repairability in mind. Although it is not impossible to perform a screen replacement, it does require the flex cable to pass through the center frame – this is before applying adhesive.

Opening the phone is much like any other: Heat the back panel and pry around the perimeter to break the adhesive. The panel is released without any fuss, and the camera glass appears to be repairable as a separate piece from the back cover by breaking the adhesive and replacing it.

Poco F4 5G

After removing 17 screws and removing the top shield equipped with antenna wires and graphite for heat transfer, the battery can be disconnected and other components can be disconnected. The front-facing camera is glued in place, and when the motherboard comes out, the camera modules pop out easily and can be replaced. The back of the motherboard is equipped with copper and graphite for thermal transfer.

The large and strong battery pull tabs make it easy to remove the 4,500 mAh battery. Removing the battery reveals another pair of flex cables running from the motherboard to the motherboard. The battery must be removed to remove the charging port, SIM tray, and power button flex cables.

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