Xiaomi Pad 6 is coming with 4 models with enhanced powerful features

Tamsin Rodriguez17 July 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
Xiaomi Pad 6 is coming with 4 models with enhanced powerful features

According to reports directly from China, the Chinese company Xiaomi is working on four new tablets, with sizes ranging from 10.4 inches to a massive 14-inch model.

xiaomi pad 6 specifications

It looks like it will be positioned as a cheaper alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. And it looks like the Xiaomi Pad 6 series is on its way.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 and Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro debuted about a year ago. It looks like Xiaomi is ready to bring in tablet successors soon, and it looks like the company might expand the lineup even more.

xiaomi pad 6

According to the digital chat station, Xiaomi has four new tablets to be launched this year 2022. The mentioned tablets will come in four sizes or sizes of 10.4 inches, 12.6 inches and 14 inches in addition to the 11 inch model. And the 11-inch model seems absolutely guaranteed to be the regular version.

However, the other three models are more interesting. For example, Digital Chat Station claims that tablet prices are directly related to size. As such, the 12.6-inch tablet can be assumed to be the Xiaomi iPad 6 Pro.

xiaomi pad 6
xiaomi pad 6

Prior information has claimed that the Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 888 processors will appear on upcoming Xiaomi tablets, and the 11-inch Xiaomi Pad 6 is likely to get the upgrade from Snapdragon 860 to Snapdragon 870. The 12.6-inch tablet could get the Snapdragon 888, which It will be a step above the Snapdragon 870 in the Xiaomi iPad 5 Pro.

The 14-inch tablet appears to be Xiaomi’s most premium tablet to date and is likely to be positioned as a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Finally, the 10.4-inch model will be cheaper and can be sold under the Redmi brand. The Redmi Pad 5G has been around for a while, and it would make sense for Xiaomi to offer an affordable tablet to rival the Realme Pad X and Oppo Pad Air. There have been rumors of a processor-powered tablet from MediaTek in recent weeks, and there is a possibility that the tablet will be 10.4 inches.

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