Messenger secrets 2021: the 4 most important subtleties and secrets in Facebook Messenger

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Tamsin Rodriguez17 July 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
Messenger secrets 2021: the 4 most important subtleties and secrets in Facebook Messenger

We come back to you again with a simple detailed explanation of the popular explanations for many users! Yes, during these lines, we will learn about the most prominent and important secrets of Messenger 2021 that we need to know due to its extreme importance. In addition to this, we will explain how to access these secrets and subtleties in Facebook Messenger to make the most of them.

The cool thing is that secrets Messenger 2021 below will help many users in solving some of the problems they suffer from, such as the problem of the appearance of non-friends in Messenger, the problem of messages from strangers and intruders, etc. Therefore, you will need to follow the lines below to know all the details about the most prominent and important secrets of Messenger 2021.

Messenger secrets 2021

Only, you will be required to follow the details about each of the secrets and subtleties of Facebook Messenger, and then start applying these steps to your account with the Messenger to access these secrets and adjust them in the form and manner that suits you.

Lock messages on Facebook for non-friends

The Facebook Messenger 2021 update brought a feature and feature of the most important features that we all need, and this feature lies in locking messages on Facebook for non-friends! Yes, starting today and with adjusting this feature and the new feature found within the privacy settings in Facebook Messenger, you will be able to get rid of the messages of strangers and intruders.

The feature of locking messages on Facebook allows you to avoid messages from strangers by permanently locking messaging requests in your account on Facebook Messenger. It cannot receive your messages because it does not allow new messaging requests from everyone.

This feature can be accessed by opening the Messenger application, then clicking on “your profile picture” from the upper corner, then scrolling a little down and clicking on the “Privacy” option, then clicking on the “Send messages” option, here scroll down and click on “Others on Facebook” option, select “Do not receive requests” and from this moment on you will not receive any messages from strangers.

Messenger secrets 2021

Delete non-friends from messenger

One of the very common problems in Messenger that most users encounter is “the appearance of non-friends in Messenger”, and you can get rid of this problem easily through the settings of the Messenger itself. Just, open your account in Facebook Messenger, then click on “Personal Picture” from the top, and then scroll down and click on the “Phone Contacts” option, then click on the “Manage Contacts” option, in the meantime just click on the option “Delete all contacts”, and you must also click on the “Upload contacts” option, then you disable and stop downloading contacts in Messenger.

You will also need to delete the phone contacts from the Facebook application on the phone, and this is done by clicking on the “three condition” menu, then clicking on “Settings and privacy”, then “Settings”, then scroll and click on the “Media and Contacts” option. After that, disable “Continuous Downloading of Contacts”.

Also, head over to this link.”messenger/contactsFrom the phone and computer screen, especially if you are using a Facebook account on the computer, click on the “Delete all contacts” option.

Messenger secrets 2021

A final step, you need to do “Erase Facebook and Messenger data” by going to the settings screen on the phone, then clicking on Applications, after that select Messenger and then the Facebook application and erase data, then log in again with your account and it will not appear with you Not friends in Messenger.

Record a voice message in Facebook Messenger without long clicking

Messenger secrets 2021

Among the really cool secrets of Messenger 2021 is the ability to record an audio message in Facebook Messenger without long clicking! Yes, click on the record or voice recording icon, then drag to the lock mark that appears with you, and here you can record the voice message without clicking and holding as it was before.

Ignore messenger messages

Messenger secrets 2021

The “Ignore Messenger Messages” feature is one of the best and most important secrets and subtleties of the Facebook Messenger application, through which you can ignore anyone’s messages without deleting them from the friends list. Just, long-tap on the conversation between you and this person, then click on the “Ignore messages” option and immediately this person’s messages will be ignored and you will not get notifications from him again.

It was the most prominent and most important secrets of Messenger 2021, we hope in the end that you all like it.

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