Samsung cancels Galaxy S22 FE to boost S22 Ultra supply

Tamsin Rodriguez19 July 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
Samsung cancels Galaxy S22 FE to boost S22 Ultra supply

Samsung has reportedly completed the development of the Galaxy S22 FE and the phone will not see the light of day. The report comes from the South Korean media The Elec, which claims that chip shortages and increased demand for Galaxy S22 Ultra pushed the manufacturer to this harsh decision.

The good news is that the FE series will not be discontinued as the plans are to see a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE sometime next year.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE was supposed to have the same flagship sets as the Ultra, but the strong performance of the S Pen touting flagship prompted the manufacturer to reconsider its strategy for 2022. Samsung had plans to produce 3 million units of the Fan Edition, and the number remains the target for S23 FE.

But Samsung is reportedly moving strongly towards its goal of 10 million units of Galaxy S22 Ultra sold and needed to redistribute more resources to its manufacturing.

The preliminary plans for 2023 are that Samsung will sell 30% more Ultras – namely 13 million units. The Vanilla Galaxy S23 is expected to reach 8.5 million units, while Plus will be the least loved by customers with only 6.5 million expected sales.

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