Samsung Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 to launch without depth sensing cameras

Tamsin Rodriguez21 July 2022Last Update : 3 weeks ago
Samsung Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 to launch without depth sensing cameras

Latest news! Samsung does not copy anything! Well, not really, but it will get closer to the new brand’s camera-related philosophy next year, according to a new report from its home in Korea.

Allegedly, Samsung will drop the useless depth-sensing cameras from the back of its upcoming Galaxy A24, A34 and A54 models to be released in 2023. It will also not remove the almost useless macro cameras from these phones, so it stops halfway through its journey to become more like nothing – a company that has just announced a phone with only two camera sensors: the most important and the ultra-wide.

The open secret in the industry for the last few years has been that most mid-range in that price range actually only have two usable cameras, the primary and the ultra-wide, but manufacturers have felt the need to pad their buttocks with at least one. extra device, if not two – a depth sensor here, a monochrome there, a macro camera somewhere too.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has a depth sensor

Has this sensor inflation (which turns out to have predicted real inflation) ever convinced anyone that a $ 200 Samsung or Poco or Redmi has great cameras because there are simply so many of them? Who knows. But this trend really can’t die fast enough, and it looks like Samsung will do its part to help. Or at least it will have a good start if this rumor comes true.

The same report further says that the Galaxy A24 will come with a 50 MP main sensor, an 8 MP ultrawide and a 5 MP macro camera, while the A34 will go with a 48 MP main camera and keep the other two at par. . Oddly enough, the A54, which should be the highest end of this group, will only have a 5 MP ultrawide shooter if this report is correct. It will sit next to the 50 MP main snapper and the unfortunately still mandatory one for the Samsung 5 MP macro camera.

Samsung will apparently use the resources it will not spend on putting these depth sensors in phones to “strengthen” the essential camera specifications of the other sensors. The Galaxy A34 is said to land in March next year, while the A54 was due to arrive a month later.

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