Leaked screenshots reveal new features in MIUI 14

Tamsin Rodriguez25 July 2022Last Update : 2 weeks ago
Leaked screenshots reveal new features in MIUI 14

Screenshots of what appears to be MIUI 14 have hit the web and reveal some of the upcoming changes. It goes without saying that this is based on Android 13. This is what development version 22.7.19 looks like (Xiaomi uses date-based versions, so this one is as fresh as it gets).

The Gallery app gets a text recognition feature so you can quickly copy text from documents you’ve snapped. There’s also an “On This Day” feature, which displays old photos taken on a given day years ago.

MIUI 14 will add text recognition, On This Day features to the Gallery

Bluetooth LE Audio will be supported, which is the next evolution of wireless audio. It brings a new high-quality codec, plus support for Auracast broadcasts – a single device can act as a sort of FM radio station, and multiple supported headphones can listen in. Additionally, Multi-Stream will be able to send audio to both TWS buds simultaneously (current TWS headsets have a main bud which connects to the secondary bud).

MIUI 14 will also have improved Anti-fraud protection, which will point the finger at suspicious calls, messages and apps.

MIUI 14 will have improved anti-fraud detection

MIUI 14 will have improved anti-fraud detection

The new version also helps you remove notifications and brings a reworked Assistant interface. The clock app’s user interface has also been spruced up.

MIUI 14: Removes notification clutter
MIUI 14: New Assistant UI
MIUI 14: New Clock app UI

MIUI 14: Notification clutter removal • New Assistant UI • New Clock app UI

MyDrivers reports that there will be no intermediate version of MIUI this year, just like last year’s MIUI 12.5. Xiaomi plans to go from v13 to MIUI 14 directly.

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