How to get rid of the effect of unused applications on your phone? Do you even know how dangerous it is?

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Tamsin Rodriguez26 July 2022Last Update : 2 weeks ago
How to get rid of the effect of unused applications on your phone? Do you even know how dangerous it is?

Do you have in your phone some unused applications? Do you know its danger on your phone? Please continue reading in this article to know the necessary details in this regard, in order to behave in the best way with the process of installing applications on your mobile phone.

It is normal for mobile phone owners to install many applications on their mobile devices, often more than they actually use in their daily lives, but this can be more harmful to the devices than you think, as tech experts always warn of the dangers of installing unused and unused applications. Necessary for the privacy of personal data.

Impact of unused apps on phones

Engineer’s statement “Alexander Vukshevich” From the information technology security company Avira, one of the most important and most successful cybersecurity companies in the world, he said: “Applications can negatively affect the performance of the phone, depending on the model of the device.”

Vukcevic added: “When the user installs applications, he should keep in mind that they do a lot of tasks in the background; For example, weather and news applications constantly query for changes and updates, and this happens with applications that have not been opened or that do not appear in the task manager, and when there are a lot of applications running in the background, this slows down the phone’s work and negatively affects the battery life.”

And he concludes, “The user is often not aware of the data that applications can access in the background, which makes him fall into problems he does not know the cause of, spoiling the fun of leading phone technology.”

For his part, Christian Funk from the IT security company Kaspersky Lab explained that some unused applications, in particular, try to access data that has nothing to do with their functions, for example, a flashlight application may try to access the contacts stored on the phone.

Funk warns us of the danger of this, as personal information can reach third parties, and be exploited in criminal acts (particularly cybercrime).

One of the dangerous things is that private contact data can be misused to make phishing messages appear more realistic, and make the user open attachments or click on suspicious links in phishing messages without realizing their severity.

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Unused apps

But what is the solution to get rid of the effects of these unused applications?

First/ App Permissions
Where experts advise all users to think about the type of applications that are allowed to access data, and this is not done without obtaining permissions, for example, if the user relies on a specific application for “photo filtering”, he needs permission to access his photos.

Of course, the user has to differentiate between Android phones and their iPhone counterparts from Apple with regard to permissions, as some may not know that when installing the application on Android phones, all permissions are approved at once, or the application can be uninstalled, while the iPhone user can agree to Each of the permissions are separate when installing applications.

In any case, owners of Android phones should check the permissions of applications after installing them in the settings menu under the “Applications” and “applications permissions” item and correct them if necessary, while with iPhone phones, application permissions can be checked later through the settings menu under The “Privacy” clause.

But we must beware that some Android application developers bypass the permissions system, as the results of a global study in California, conducted by researchers at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), confirm that there are many applications that collect user data despite restricting access to these applications. data.

Returning to Vukcevic’s warnings, we find him saying: “Applications with Android servers have a greater ability to access data stored on the device compared to iPhone phones, so the user must be careful and careful when choosing and installing applications, with the need to download them from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store. “.

How to get rid of the effect of unused applications on your phone?  Do you even know how dangerous it is?

Second / cleaning the phone
The user must constantly clean his phone from unused applications that he does not need regularly, not only for security reasons, but because the more applications installed, the more notifications appear on the home screen, which is annoying and has negative effects on the phone.

Experts advise sorting unused and unnecessary apps according to usage, turning off notifications for those apps immediately, and grouping app icons on the home screen in separate folders.

Funk points out again that the phone should be treated as just a toolbox, where applications that are not used should be eliminated, so that no problems occur.

He adds a precious tip to users by saying: “It is recommended to take an inventory regularly, remove the apps that have not been used for a month to ensure the vitality on your phone and avoid any glitch.”

How to get rid of the effect of unused applications on your phone?  Do you even know how dangerous it is?

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