Xiaomi 14 – Xiaomi 14 is coming with a terrible camera feature, revealing the most important feature that the Xiaomi 14 series of phones will bring

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Xiaomi launched the flagship “Xiaomi 13 Ultra” phone last month. The phone came with powerful specifications that are very distinctive. Thanks to Leica-branded cameras and various imaging capabilities, the brand has taken mobile photography to a whole new level.

Reveal details about the Xiaomi 14 series of phones

Apple and Huawei are strong competitors when it comes to mobile photography. Xiaomi knows that the road is long and must be worked on continuously.

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And now in a new development, a Weibo user stated that Xiaomi has signed a contract with AAC Technologies, a company that designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of components that include amplifiers, receivers, microphones, and more.

A contract agreement was signed between the two parties to manufacture WLG lenses. With this, Xiaomi aims to take advantage of its photography capabilities. It is said that the next generation of the “Xiaomi 14” series phones, Xiaomi 14, will be one of the first products that will benefit from the advanced lenses.

An image said to be for the Xiaomi 14 phone

And many Xiaomi devices used a lot of WLG hybrid lenses made of glass and plastic. And Xiaomi CIVI 2 uses a hybrid WLG glass-plastic lens that combines one WLG chip-level glass lens and six plastic lenses that provide a larger aperture and clearer lens.

The contract with AAC Technologies is an important step in Xiaomi’s advanced smartphone strategy. Recently, Xiaomi and AAC Technologies have also established the joint Mi Camera and AAC lab which will work on new imaging technologies.

In your opinion, what is the most prominent feature that should be available in the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series of phones?


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