Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch postponed for October

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Samsung is among the endless list of companies affected by the lack of chipsets and the Galaxy S21 FE smartphone is the latest victim. Earlier this month, Samsung denied rumors of the late arrival of the phone, though the company does not sound confident in its statement.

Today arrives new report from South Korea revealing the launch has been postponed from early August to October and there will be limited availability on top of that.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which is expected to be a more affordable flagship in the sea with $ 1,000+ smartphones, will not be launched in South Korea or Japan. It originally appeared only in the US and Europe.

Industry insiders revealed that Samsung was considering total shutdown of production, but due to the popularity of the FE series, the Korean manufacturer decided to go for a limited quantity. The company was quoted as saying that this direction is only one of many being considered and nothing is final yet.

The chipset’s bottleneck is a major issue that has also affected the Galaxy Note series, which will only see a new phone in 2022.

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