Report: the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature a larger battery instead of adding new sensors

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Ever since the original Apple Watch was released, Apple has announced a battery life of 18 hours. This is as true for the first model as it is for the current Series 6. According to insider reports, the company believes it can get owners of older watches to upgrade if the new model provides better battery life.

That will be the focus of the Apple Watch Series 7 with the exception of new sensors. According to Bloomberg, The 2022 model introduces a body temperature sensor. It could have been added this year, but Cupertino felt it was wiser to use the space that would have been taken by the sensor to fit in a larger battery.

The Apple S7 chip, which makes the watch change, switches to a more compact double-sided system in a package (SiP) design, again to provide more space for the battery. The new watches remain the same size as the current models or are imperceptibly thicker.

Unofficial renditions of the Apple Watch Series 7 showcasing the new design and new green color

Unofficial renditions of the Apple Watch Series 7 showcasing the new design and new green color

Another thing that has hardly changed since the beginning is the exterior design. This also raises hopes that it will attract owners of older models. The new design can be seen in these reproductions. The sides will be flat, more in line with iPhone and iPad designs, the frames around the screens will be thinner (which can lead to increased screen size) and better lamination reduces the distance between the screen and the protective glass.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is also expected to improve UWB support. In the following years, Apple will introduce blood sugar and alcohol sensors for its watches, although they are still a few years away. Apple will also have to balance the addition of new sensors with keeping the battery life, as the 2021 model finally improves on the 18-hour rating, future models can not go backwards.

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