Apple’s patent to get rid of the wrinkles of foldable phones .. and the launch date of the company’s first folded phone

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Although Apple has not entered the foldable phone market yet, foldable screens have been witnessing rapid growth over the past two years, and strong competition is taking place between giant companies, despite Samsung’s dominance in the foldable phones category with its super devices, the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. .

It is no secret that there is a big problem with foldable phones, which are the obvious wrinkles in these devices, and of course there are no problems with wrinkles in straight screens because they are not folded, and as a result, mobile phone brands have been looking for answers and solutions to the problem of wrinkles for a long time.

What is new that Apple offers in the field of foldable phones? Here are the details..

Folding phones patented

The United States Trademark Office formula list andPatents (USPTO) On the Internet, through which we can see how Apple obtained a patent for a foldable phone, and the main seal feature of this patent is that it gets rid of wrinkles, that is, it allows the crease area to self-heal.

Apple patent

Apple is working on a new way to get rid of wrinkles on its own using heat, light, electric current or other types of external stimuli, with this technology the risk of accidentally damaging the foldable screen will be greatly reduced.

Folding phones
Apple patent

Apple’s foldable phone in the future will witness a real revolution

Apple is expecting a hinged device in the future, and the idea of ​​a hinged device is very exciting, and with this design that enables the gadget to fold through the hinge, users will be able to get more screen space in one device.

Carrying the gadget can be facilitated by using a flexible display cover on the hinged part, which is placed between the first and second hard components of the display cover.

Apple also intends to add a layer of self-healing technology to the screen cover in order to improve the look and feel of modern gadgets and reduce the risk of scratches, and the self-healing texture layer can be created over the entire screen cover layer or just in its flexible areas.

In order to improve flexibility, the screen cover layer may have an elastic layer in its elastic area. Using external stimuli such as heat, light, and electric current, the body can heal itself.

Folding phones
Apple storms the world of foldable phones

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Apple foldable phone leaks

Known for its innovative products, Apple has been the latest news about the company’s foldable phone, as the rumors have been around for a while and it looks like the company is finally working on it.

The release date of the foldable iPhone has been a topic of discussion for a while, according to a report by TechRadar indicating that we won’t see a foldable iPhone until 2023 at the earliest, however recent rumors indicate that the iPhone Fold could be launched in 2023.

The report is based on well-informed leakers who claim that Apple plans to launch an 8-inch foldable iPhone by 2023, and famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the first foldable iPhone will have a huge 8-inch screen, so the phone will be bigger than the Galaxy Z. Fold 4, which offers a 7.6-inch screen when unfolded.

The report also indicates that Apple is working on a foldable phone similar in orientation to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Moto Razr, although the design of the foldable iPhone is still a mystery, but there are those who indicate that the device will have a real foldable screen, while Others claim that this device will come with two distinct screens separated by a hinge.

Folding phones

Apple foldable phone patent

Apple has been awarded several patents related to foldable devices, and according to a report from Tom’s Guide, a pair of patents won by Apple cover rugged foldable displays as well as a foldable display with textured flexible areas.

These patents don’t specifically mention a phone, so Apple could also consider a foldable tablet.

And foldable phones are experiencing a golden age, with exciting products from Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo and Honor joining already popular Samsung models.

According to reports, the aforementioned phone makers have been unable to solve some of the biggest issues that foldable devices have such as screen durability and battery life, and it is hoped that Apple’s offering will be the most refined version of the foldable model we’ve seen so far.

Apple's patent to get rid of the wrinkles of foldable phones... and the launch date of the company's first foldable phone

What do you think of Apple’s move towards the category of foldable phones? Do you support that? Have you tried one of the folded phones? What company is your foldable phone from? Share your comments..

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