iOS 16 will let you unsend and edit texts on your iPhone. Here’s how it works

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iOS 16 will let you unsend and edit texts on your iPhone. Here’s how it works

It’s not entirely out of the question to send hundreds of text messages in a day, especially if you’re part of a large chat group. And with so many messages coming and going, you’re expected to make a mistake or two.

Usually though, that’s not a problem. A recipient can distinguish simple grammatical errors, and if you send a message to the wrong person, you can usually follow it with a simple “sorry” and all is well. Until it doesn’t.

Sometimes a text message error can get you in trouble or embarrassment, that’s why you should have the option to recall any message and edit what you sent — what you can finally do with iOS 16.

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Apple announced these new SMS features for the iPhone during its WWDC event in June. Other new features coming to the iPhone include new lock screen customization options and Apple pay later. And SharePlay is added to messages.

We are going to explain to you how these two new features for sending SMS work. And if you want to explore iOS 16 right now, before the mainstream release, here’s how to download and install the second beta version of iOS 16 on your iPhone and iPad.

Edit messages you’ve already sent

If you use messaging tools like Slack, you’ve probably edited at least one — or 100 — of the messages you’ve sent. Whether you made a typo or your message contains incorrect data, the editing function is a good way to quickly make your corrections. With iOS 16, you will also be able to edit your messages sent from your iPhone within 15 minutes of sending.

To edit an SMS, you’ll need to launch Messages and go to any thread using iMessage, which you probably know as blue text. This feature will not work with SMS text messages (green texts). Now press and hold your finger on the message you want to edit. This will bring up Tapback reactions and the quick action menu. Finally, touch Edit.

Even if you edit a text message, the recipient will still be able to see all old messages.

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The text message will then become editable. You can delete the entire message, correct errors or add text to it. Once you are done, press the blue tick button on the right side to save your changes. You can only edit a single message up to 5 times.

An editable editable button will appear below your edited text message. The person on the other end of the line will also know that the message has been edited, and if they press Editedany previous versions of your text message will appear above the edited text message, in slightly grayed-out chat bubbles.

Immediately recall any messages you accidentally sent

Accidental messages happen too often. Maybe you hit the send button when you wanted to select an emoji. Or maybe you messaged the wrong person. Either way, you’ll be able to recall those messages with iOS 16. Unlike the edit message feature, you only have 2 minutes to unsend a text.

To cancel sending an SMSlaunch the Messages app, long-press the message (blue text only) you want to cancel, then tap Cancel send.

The text message will disappear from your chat thread, both on your end and on the recipient’s end. A message will appear on your feed, indicating that your message was not sent, but the recipient may have already seen it.

Cancel sending an SMS on iOS 16

You only have 2 minutes to unsend an SMS.

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Unfortunately, if the other person is using something older than iOS 16, the message won’t be sent even though your phone says it is.

The recipient will see a gray status message stating: “[Name] message not sent” if they’ve seen the text before. This is similar to the Delete Message feature that apps like WhatsApp and Signal already have, which also displays a similar message after recalling a text.

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