Android secrets and subtleties 2023: Two hidden options that you must disable are very important Learn about the most important secrets and subtleties of Android 2023

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Among the most used communications are phones Android Our own, we find the Bluetooth that allows us to connect other devices such as smart watches or wireless headphones, but there is one that we undoubtedly use practically every second. We are talking about a Wi-Fi connection, which is necessary to access the Internet and which will soon work even with Airplane mode.

We have talked many times about this and the secrets and secrets of Android 2023, not only is it useful for connecting to the Internet, but how easy it is to share the Wi-Fi password in these four ways. However, there are two hidden options that we must review, as they generate unnecessary battery consumption while sharing our location.

Android secrets and mysteries for 2023: What are these “Network Preferences” and why are they turned off?

Secrets and subtleties of Android 2023 and Wi-Fi

If we go to the settings of our Android mobile, we can get lost among the many options and configurations. This is normal, over the years Android has acquired functions that provide us with a high level of customization.

For this reason, many of these lists are relegated to submenus, so finding them is more complicated. Exactly this happens with the one that interests us in this article, two keys that enable functions related to the Wi-Fi connection.

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We are referring to two settings which are “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” and the second “Get notified if there are public networks”. The first one, as its name suggests, will make our mobile phone automatically activate the Wi-Fi network when accessing places where it detects “high quality” networks. The second serves a similar function: to be notified when public networks are available.

In principle, it doesn’t look bad at all, in fact it looks very useful, but we have to think about the consequences of turning on such settings.

On the other hand, in order for our phone to activate Wi-Fi automatically, it will need to locate us permanently. Otherwise, you will not know whether the place where we are has saved grids or not. Here Google is pulling the muscle and taking advantage of the full framework of services available.

On the other hand, to fulfill the second function, our phone will need location again. This way, it will be able to notify us of the location of public networks. And if we do not need to access the Internet in public places, it is still recommended to deactivate it.

How to turn off network notifications and automatic activation

Secrets and subtleties of Android 2023
Secrets and subtleties of Android 2023: Turn off network notifications and automatic activation

To disable it, and by the way to have some autonomy and privacy, we must go to Settings > Networks & Internet > Internet. Once we see the list of nearby WiFi networks, we slide to the bottom of the screen. This will be where we see the Network Preferences section.

It is enough to touch it to locate the two mentioned settings. As we have seen, it is not in sight, but we have to go through several categories in order to finally reach it. Now, we just need to press the key to say goodbye. From time to time we will cover the secrets and subtleties of Android 2023.

Will you disable these options in your phone? And what is the most important secret of Android 2023?

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