What is focus mode in Xiaomi phones and why should it be activated now without hesitation? How does focus mode work in Xiaomi phones and why do we recommend activating it immediately

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MIUI hides dozens of functions and features that we often have to unlock with third-party apps to enjoy its potential. And with these functions, although they are integrated into the system, they cannot be accessed in a simple way. And the MIUI interface provides us with the “Focus Mode” feature that you will be able to use on phones Xiaomi in a simple way, but you’ll have to use a free third-party app to be able to open it. In this article, we will show you how it works and how you can access it.

The most important feature of Xiaomi phones

The first thing you should know is that we will have to download an app Activity Launcher On our phone, which we can download from a store Google Play Completely free, without which we would not be able to access this mod.

Once we download this application, we will have to do the following:

The most important hidden feature in Xiaomi phones

We open the Activity Launcher app, and at the top of the screen tap on the search option and type the following: UsageStatsMain, without the quotes.
Now, we select the first section that appears among the results and the tool will be executed automatically.

MIUI offers an interesting setting that you should know about and how to activate it right now

As you can see, we will already have this focus mode available on our device and, thanks to it, we will be able to set a certain time during which our phone will be practically useless so that we can perform any task without it bothering us in order to be more productive.

How to activate focus mode in Xiaomi phones

The method is very easy and simple, since we will only have to select the required time and activate it, immediately going to a screen with a timer that we will not be able to close even if we turn off the phone, so it will not be impossible to be able to interact with it easily during that period of time.

How to activate focus mode in xiaomi phones
How to activate focus mode in xiaomi phones

This mode is specially designed for those people who do an activity for a fixed period of time of at least 20 minutes, whether it is studying or even being able to work without distractions, so this tool can be very useful for them.

What is the focus mode in Xiaomi phones, and why should it be activated now without hesitation?

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