Samsung’s take on Wear OS is called One UI Watch

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Samsung’s next smartwatch OS is called the One UI Watch, and it will be based on Google’s Wear OS. Samsung did not unveil the Galaxy Watch4, but confirmed that it will premiere the One UI Watch user experience when it becomes official at an unpacked event later this summer.

Because it’s based on Wear OS, One UI Watch integrates more deeply with Android than Tizen OS did. If you install an app from the Play Store that has a watch app, it will also be automatically installed on the watch. And there is seamless synchronization between watch and smartphone, so if you have more than one city in your watch app, or if you have blocked a number on your phone, these settings are transferred to your watch.

A UI Watch also opens up a bigger list of apps for your wrist than Tizen – popular titles like Strava, Adidas Running, Calm, Spotify, YouTube Music and Google Maps will be available for the Galaxy Watch.

Samsung says the next Galaxy Watch will have longer battery life, faster performance and the aforementioned wide range of apps thanks to Google’s portable operating system.

To differentiate its watches from other Wear OS devices, Samsung will bring an improved design of the dial to designers.

Samsung will officially unveil the first Galaxy Watch with the One UI Watch later this summer, but we’ve already seen several renderings of what could be called the Galaxy Watch4. It is expected in early August with a body composition monitor that can measure body fat and muscle mass.

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