Samsung 450 MP Camera Fantastic Resolution!

alex mathos6 August 2022Last Update : 1 day ago
Samsung 450 MP Camera Fantastic Resolution!

Samsung previously announced the 200MP ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor, which is expected to debut with the Moto X30 Pro smartphone in a few days, but what about the 450MP Samsung camera?

Samsung 450MP camera details

And now, a new report from the GalaxyClub platform reveals a Samsung trademark filing for “Hexa²Pixel” hinting that the company is working on a 450MP camera sensor.

And in order for us to get pictures of this great accuracy, the leaks revealed that the next sensor will assemble 36 in 1 Pixel (which is a group of six images in six images to be combined into one image, which is much higher than other brands that tear two images into two, or three images by three.

Mathematically, it is concluded that the camera will work with a resolution of 432 megapixels, and it can be zoomed to 450 megapixels. Either way, it’s a massive achievement for Samsung as the number of pixels is double that of the last sensor.

To achieve this equation, Samsung must reduce the size of the pixel, in exchange for increasing the size of the sensor, and therefore Samsung will most likely use a 1-inch sensor to overcome the problem of the small pixel size in this large resolution.

Years ago, Samsung was reported to be working on sensors with a resolution of up to 600MP, so the Hexa² pixel sensor could represent a midway point for what’s to come in the next few years.

What does this sensor mean?

In the beginning, it is unlikely to see the sensor until after at least two to three years, as it faces other challenges such as the processor capable of operating the sensor at full power, and may mean raising the prices of phones more and more, the rule is simple: more luxury .. stronger capabilities .. thus higher prices.

Some may think that raising the capabilities of the sensor in terms of the number of pixels means a greater siege on professional DSLR cameras, but these numbers do not necessarily affect professional cameras, because raising the number of pixels is not enough to see the best pictures.

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