MIUI 14 interface .. the most important 5 procedures that must be taken before starting the update, do not ignore them! 5 procedures that must be applied before updating to the MIUI 14 interface

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Every Xiaomi phone user wants to get the new MIUI updates. Which allows us to take advantage of new features and improvements and before we start downloading and installing the MIUI 14 interface update or any other version of MIUI, we must carry out some important procedures. Therefore, in this article, we will show you the 5 most important things that must be done before updating Xiaomi Or Redmi or POCO.

The most important procedures that must be applied before updating the MIUI 14 interface

  1. Make a backup

Making a backup of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO is absolutely essential today. And especially important when we update to a higher version of MIUI or change from Android 12 to Android 13.

The most important procedures that must be applied before updating the MIUI 14 interface

Some updates may contain certain bugs that, in the worst case, can render our phone completely useless, losing access to stored photos and videos, as well as various configurations or installed applications.

Before proceeding with updating your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO phone, we recommend that you make a backup. In addition, it is convenient to use a service such as Google Photos in order to always have a copy of your most important photos and videos.

  1. Find information about the update to download

It is very important to know that we will be updating. And when we receive a notification of a new version of MIUI for our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device, we must look for information about it on the Internet, whether on specialized sites or forums .

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With a simple search, we can make sure that the update we want to install is free of errors. And you should search in Google or Xiaomi Community for the number of the update received and know for yourself any abnormal status of the update.

  1. Charge the device and connect it to the mains

Another tip that we always recommend is that you charge your device to 100% before proceeding with installing a new update. In addition to connecting the device to the mains, to save you from really serious worries.

MIUI 14 interface update
MIUI 14 interface update

If for any reason your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO battery runs out in the middle of the installation process, the problems can be major, rendering your device completely useless. Therefore, it is always better to prevent it.

  1. Restart the device before proceeding with the update installation

It is also recommended to restart the respective device before proceeding with the installation of a new update. This will reduce the number of open processes and applications, leaving more free memory for the installation process.

  1. be patient

Finally, one of the most important recommendations is to be patient. It is best not to install the update from the first day it was released. This will allow you to know about possible bugs that have been detected, thus avoiding installing a buggy update.

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In addition, a large part of the updates released by Xiaomi are usually rolled out in stages, that is, they first reach a small group of Mi Pilot users and then to all users. And it is better not to be in a hurry and do any action with Xiaomi when we are sure that it will benefit us.

MIUI 14 interface .. The 5 most important procedures that must be taken before starting the update, do not ignore them!

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