The price and specifications of the best keyboard and mouse for gaming in the world in 2023, the most powerful keyboard and mouse for gaming in the world from Asus Redmagic – amazing specifications and a terrible price

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The gaming experience on a PC does not only require a device with high hardware and efficiency, but rather you need the best keyboard and mouse for games (i.e. dedicated to games) so that you can go through the full and distinct experience, and here the player must be careful while choosing the appropriate equipment, and this article is to help you make the perfect choice ..

Not every RGB accessory makes it suitable for gaming, but rather the matter is more complicated, the Asus brand, Ridmagic, which manufactures everything related to gaming, sent us – we are a digital team – a keyboard and mouse that it claims provide the best gaming experience on PC with unique features and features, and here is our impression about the two accessories Do they deserve the title of the best keyboard and mouse for games or not ..

Best keyboard and mouse for gaming

Best keyboard and mouse for gaming

We start with the keyboard, the latter came mechanically as every video game lover needs with 100 well-arranged buttons and can be easily detached from the keyboard to clean it of dirt and residue and return the buttons without hassle.

The buttons also come with RGB backlights that illuminate more than 16 million degrees of color, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm that drives every gamer to continue playing. Once the keyboard is activated, the backlight begins to light up with the effect of a wave of colors from right to left that creates a different atmosphere at night. The high brightness is annoying which can be controlled via the Function button and the up and down arrows.

The speed of the effect can also be controlled with the left and right arrows. There is also more than one lighting effect that can be switched between them via the function and insert buttons.

Effects can be expanded and fully validated by downloading the RedMagic Cloud Smart Control software to customize your own effect.

Price and specifications of the best gaming keyboard and mouse in the world in 2023
Best keyboard and mouse for gaming

One of the very useful features of the keyboard, which we found practical, is the circular ring in the upper right corner. It can be used to perform a set of quick tasks such as raising and lowering the volume, controlling the brightness of the lighting, or switching between any general options. The many shortcuts also characterize the device. You can go to To the product page on the Red Magic website And take a look at the shortcuts that will make it easier for you during your experience.

Small dimensions are one of the things that we liked about the keyboard, as it takes up a small percentage of the desk, which gives the player extra space to include a set of additional accessories.

The keyboard comes with TTC Speed ​​Silver Switch V2 technology developed by Redmagic in cooperation with TTC, which helps provide a smooth typing experience with more accuracy and easy-to-reach buttons and reduces pressing the wrong buttons, this technology helps gamers improve their experience in games that require greater accuracy and speed of reaction It also increases the keyboard’s hardness and resistance even in heavy use.

Another thing that gamers care about, unlike ordinary users, is the sound and noise caused by pressing the buttons. The structure of the Red Magic keyboard makes the typing sound comfortable for the user, and at the same time it cures the thirst of every player who needs this sound to motivate him during the game.

The Redmagic keyboard supports three connection modes, with a regular cable, wirelessly with a 2.4G USB receiver, or wireless connection via Bluetooth. In any case, you will benefit from a smooth and fast experience without delay in response, and it is compatible with Android and MacOS systems. It also comes equipped with a 4000 mAh battery that lasts Over 200 hours in normal mode and 28 hours with backlight on.

Price and specifications of the best gaming keyboard and mouse in the world in 2023
Best keyboard and mouse for gaming

And to complete the experience, we have a Redmagic mouse, the first thing that impressed us along with the compact and symmetrical design, which makes it suitable for the palm of the hand. The light weight, 75-gram body makes it easier for the user to control it smoothly and gives more accuracy in aiming during the game, and it also gives the ability to customize the buttons to make them more friendly to the user and every click. Or an animation that gives an RGB effect that brings life and excitement to the game.

The mouse uses an advanced PixArt PAW3395 sensor that allows movement from 60 to 26,000 dpi for more precise movement, a maximum speed of 650 IPS and a response rate of 1000 Hz, all this with a range of advanced technologies makes the sensor used one of the most advanced sensors in the market.

The scroll ring is called GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switch and guarantees the user a lifetime of 80 million times of use due to its solidity. It is characterized by a quick response in parts of a second and is also comfortable in pressing with a texture that stimulates the player and refreshes the gaming experience. It also supports a strong physical response to interact with the player.

The mouse provided an integrated gaming experience in shooting games that needed a precise mouse and provided everything that was required of it with an actual response without any delays or interruptions in work. The mouse is compatible with Windows and MacOS and can be moved from one device to another flexibly.

As with the keyboard, the user is free to fully customize the keyboard buttons via software REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control and assign a specific role to any button.

The mouse comes with a 450 mAh battery that lasts up to 100 hours of use within reasonable usage limits, and like the keyboard, it supports connection either wired or wirelessly via a 2.4G USB receiver or even via Bluetooth.

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The price of the best keyboard and mouse for games 2023

The price of the keyboard is $199, and the price of the mouse is $100. The price may seem a little more expensive than usual, but with all these features combined, it is a winning bet. You can find the purchase links in the following video (below in the description box) for everyone who wants to buy.

Best keyboard and mouse for gaming

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