iOS 17 – iOS 17 will bring amazing smart features to the screenNew leaks reveal exciting surprises in the upcoming iOS 17 update

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Recent leaks have indicated that Apple may be working on improving the upcoming iOS 17 operating system (iOS 17) and the user interface to support landscape orientation, ensuring that app interfaces are properly aligned and resized.

This mode will enable expanded display functionality, such as split-screen multitasking and widgets, boosting productivity. Switching based on orientation can automatically activate smart view mode.

To encourage application development, manufacturers can provide developers with tools, APIs, and instructions for building applications that fully utilize landscape mode.

Features of the upcoming iOS 17 update for the screen

Focusing on improving user convenience, Apple plans to turn a locked iPhone screen into a smart screen when the device is in landscape orientation. This exciting development aims to provide users with first-hand information at a glance, similar to popular smart display devices such as the Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo.

iOS 17

The screen of the iPhone running iOS 17 will display a range of useful information, including the current weather, upcoming calendar appointments, and notifications.

The interface, which is expected to debut during the WWDC 2023 developer conference on June 5th, aims to make the iPhone work as it always has, even when lying on a desk or table.

iOS 17 - iOS 17 will bring amazing smart features to your screen
iOS 17

With iOS 17, Apple is making strides toward providing direct information across more areas of iPhone software. The dark background with bright text ensures optimal readability, while the intelligent landscape-oriented display breathes new life into the locked screen experience.

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iOS 17 - iOS 17 will bring amazing smart features to your screen
iOS 17

Apple is said to be developing a new horizontal interface for the iPad tablets. Although the iPad usually lags behind the iPhone in terms of adopting new features, Apple is gradually closing the gap. For example, lock screen widgets have been released for iPhone users, while iPad users can expect their arrival in the near future.

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