Read with us: Saudi Arabia increases its average share in the EA Gaming market by 55% Saudi Arabia increases its average share in the EA Gaming market by 55%

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After the Saudi Public Investment Fund owned a total of 16.01 million shares in the EA Gaming market, before the beginning of the last quarter of last year, today, after the first quarter of this year, it owns a total of 24.81 million shares in Electronic Arts.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund continues to pump more money into the gaming sector until it reached 55%, and the fund submitted a detailed report yesterday regarding the investment and the shares that were purchased.

This comes within the framework of the Fund’s strengthening of its participation in the gaming industry and its broad commitment to strengthening the Kingdom’s presence in the electronic games sector.

This reflects the extent of the Kingdom’s interest in this sector, and the extent of Saudis’ interest in e-sports competitions and games, and betting on them through the website a7labet The best in the Arab world and the highest rated sports and electronic betting on all esports events and competitions in the world.

Statistics and numbers

Starting from January to March, the total shares of the Saudi Public Investment Fund amounted to 24.81 million shares, after the fund owned about 16.01 million shares in the game publishing company, such as FIFA and Madden NFL before the end of the last quarter of 2022.

According to the statistics and figures published by Alpha, an increase of 55%, knowing that EA currently owns about 276 dark shares, which puts the share of the PIF fund at 8.9%.

Why the interest in EA Gaming?

EA is one of the largest and most respected publishers of American games in which the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia invests, as part of the kingdom’s endeavors; To be a central point in the gaming sector and a leader in the industry in line with its vision by 2030.

In fact, Saudi Arabia has huge investments in Activision Blizzard and Take two Interactive in the USA.

And in the current year, specifically in February, the sovereign wealth fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become one of the largest external investors in Nintendo, according to figures, the fund owns about 8.26% of the shares of well-known Japanese game publishers, and also owns stakes in each of the famous games company CapCom , and Nexon Corporation.

Similarly, the Savvy Gaming Group, launched by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), succeeded in dominating ESL, a well-known company in organizing sports and electronic games events and competitions, with a deal valued at $1.5 billion, in addition to FACE IT at the beginning of last year.

The fund also bought about $1 billion in shares of the famous Swedish media and video game company Embracer Group in early 2022.

a company EGDC Owns 96.18% of the company’s shares SNK

A report stated that the Saudi company EGDC owns 96.18% of the shares of the Japanese company SNK, which is specialized in developing games, after the deal that was agreed upon in February of last year. Electronic Gaming is owned by the founding Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, and is called the Misk Foundation.

The king had also announced earlier about the strategy that his country is pursuing in the gaming industry and electronic sports, stressing that it is an arm in line with the Kingdom’s vision with the dawn of 2030, and bin Salman stressed that his country aims to transform the local economy on the gaming industry and develop it with the aim of reducing Relying on fossil fuels, not to mention working to partially develop other diverse sectors.

On the other hand, Salman said that his country’s gaming strategy will add about $13 billion to the gross domestic product, with the aim of creating job opportunities for more than 39,000 people in the Kingdom by 2030, stressing that the community, game developers and startups They are the foundation and the main building block for achieving success in this industry and achieving the desired goals, plans and plans.

Saudi Arabia’s strategy in the gaming industry

Saudi Arabia continues to increase its yield in shares EA Corporation In many gaming companies, Saudi Arabia places itself in a privileged position to explore the world of the gaming industry and employ its ambitious and advanced strategies in the gaming sector.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can also create organized environments and take advantage of all opportunities and purchase more shares and stakes from prestigious gaming companies, and enhance the role of sports betting on electronic games to provide an opportunity for Saudis and fans from all over the world to bet on competitions and events in an organized environment and in a responsible manner, but this requires more Efforts and strengthening work in the regulatory frameworks with the aim of ensuring the role of fair competition, securing the participants and employing the real pleasure of the spectators in proportion to their needs and gaining them the real pleasure they aspire to, not to mention exploiting the skills of the Saudis and employing them in the best possible quality to participate and reach the world in the world of electronic sports.

What are your expectations regarding the EA Gaming market in the Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular?

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