4 new 2023 very important settings in Xiaomi phones that must be activated now

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If you have recently purchased a Xiaomi phone, you may not know the benefits of some modifications. Almost all Xiaomi phones are subject to the same MIUI interface rules, which means that they have very similar interfaces and settings between them. Today, we show you 4 settings that every Xiaomi phone must activate. It is very useful for improving performance and getting more out of it throughout your life.

The 4 most important settings in Xiaomi phones

The current phone has hundreds of settings available. The company provides the user with many things that he does not always know how to use. We’ve toured through xiaomi phone settings To tell you what you should activate now to improve certain parts of the system.

1. Clear cache on Xiaomi phones

Clear cache

On many occasions, we have told you that performing a cache cleanup from time to time is very important. It can free up a lot of storage space and can sometimes save you from running out of memory. Well, it is better to let the device do it automatically.

Explanation of activating the most important new feature in the MIUI 14 interface for very important reasons

From Settings, find the Battery & Performance section, tap the gear at the top and tap Clear cache when device is locked. You can select multiple time periods.

Our recommendation is that you choose “30 minutes”. This means that when your device is locked for more than 30 minutes, it automatically starts cleaning cache data stored. This way the cache will not take up large amounts of storage.

2. Battery saver

4 new 2023 very important settings in Xiaomi phones that must be activated now
Battery saver

Xiaomi 5G phones include a setting that is not activated by default and can be very useful. It’s in the Battery & Performance section and is called ‘5G Battery Saver’. Our recommendation is that you activate it to save battery when your device uses these networks.

We have already told you that 5G consumes a lot of battery and it is not always worth activating it, because its speed consumes energy. With this tweak, you’ll limit certain uses of 5G so you don’t spend as much.

3. Light mode

4 new 2023 very important settings in Xiaomi phones that must be activated now
light mode

Do you have vision problems? Did you buy a Xiaomi phone from an elderly person? I have an interface MIUI An option to improve interface visibility by optimizing clutter, which makes everything simpler and bigger too. It is the most important function for the elderly who use Xiaomi phones.

Go to Settings, scroll to Special Features and tap on Light Mode. When you activate it, you will see that the interface redesigns the icons, simplifies everything and makes every detail bigger. It is a way to simplify the use of a smartphone.

4. Search for WiFi and Bluetooth networks

xiaomi phones

In an attempt to improve the user experience, Xiaomi phones have a rather strange setup. that it “Search for WiFi and Bluetooth networks”, located in the “Location” section. What these settings, if active, do is allow all apps to scan for WiFi and Bluetooth networks even when those connections are disabled.

There would be nothing wrong with this if it weren’t for the number of apps you can install on your phone. If they all scan for WiFi networks several times a day, your phone, with the connection disabled, may continue to do so. As you can imagine, this procedure consumes a fairly high amount of energy.

The best thing is to disable this option, both WiFi and Bluetooth. This way if you disable any of the connections, you’ll make sure the device doesn’t use up battery trying to scan for new available networks.

These are the best settings that you can adjust in your Xiaomi phone during the year 2023 to improve it greatly.

In your opinion, what is the best setting in the above list?

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