New Samsung flagship chipset with AMD GPU tops 3D Mark charts

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Samsung and AMD are working on a new Exynos chipset with GPU, based on RDNA architecture, and the first score from a benchmarking platform looks promising.

The new Samsung flagship set drove the 3D Mark, sending a total score of 8,134, which is 50% better than any Galaxy S21 flagship.

Screenshots: Current best Samsung phone
Screenshots: Top units on 3D Mark

Screenshots: New Samsung flagship • Current best Samsung phone • Top units on 3D Mark

The CPU in the test is listed as Cortex-A77 architecture, which means that the overall score for the final product will be different – Exynos 2100 will use Cortex-X1 prime core, while ARM already revealed its Cortex-X2 core , which is 16% faster.

The new chipset from Samsung is likely to debut on the Galaxy S22 lineup as the Note series was postponed due to the global chip shortage. This means that we have six months until we see the new Exynos in action, but it may well be worth the wait.


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