What is the Split Screen feature in Samsung phones? And how to use it in easy and simple steps? How to activate the Split Screen feature in Samsung phones and use it easily

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We many times use different apps on our Samsung phone at the same time, because one app cannot do all our work. But switching apps over and over not only wastes a little time but sometimes it also spoils our work. So provide Samsung Split Screen or split screen view for Galaxy devices.

Split Screen feature comes with Android 7.0 and after that it is regularly improved. Samsung is one of the biggest Android phone manufacturers that brings Split Screen View feature to Galaxy devices.

The most amazing feature in Samsung phones

The most amazing feature in Samsung phones

Samsung offers the Split Screen View or Multi Window feature that allows you to switch between apps, adjust screen size, and copy information from one app to another. This feature saves our time and allows multitasking. So, we are going to show you now, how you can use the split screen display feature of your Galaxy phone.

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How to use the Split Screen View feature?

You can easily access the Split Screen feature on your Samsung phone. The company offers different ways to access the Split Screen View, and now we will explain two of them to you.

  1. Split screen with Recents

If you open different apps on your Galaxy phones, then you have to follow the steps given below.

Open Recents on your phone.
Now, you can see the app icon at the top of the recent screen.
Press and hold it.
The Open in split screen view option appears.
Click the option. The app is partially opened in the upper half of the screen.
In the lower half, you can see the split screen selection app with a search icon.
You can choose which app to open in the second half of the Split Screen.

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  1. Divide the screen through the side panels

Samsung, introduces the Edge Panels feature that allows quick access to users’ favorite apps, contacts, direct messages, and features through different panels on the Edge screen. You can also use the split screen display feature with Edge panels.

Edge Panels feature on Samsung phone
Edge Panels feature on Samsung phone

After activating Edge Panels, you can follow the steps mentioned below to use the Split Screen feature.

  • Swipe to open the Edge Panel.
  • Open the first app and keep it open.
  • To open the second app, open Edge Panel again.
  • Click on the application icon and keep it.
  • Drag and drop it to the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, you can use both apps at the same time.

Worth mentioning, some apps need full screen and that’s why we can’t open them in Split Screen.

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